Eco Clothing for Eczema Sufferers
(Atopic Dermatitis)

We offer an assortment of organic clothing for the whole family that includes Baby- & Toddler clothing for little cuties and Kids Clothing. A fusion of fashion in the Womens Department and inspirational garments for Men.

Garments are made from 100% Cotton, Bamboo- or Hemp fibre fabrics. It offers comfort against an itchy skin. The natural fibre fabrics are designed to be absorbent and breathable that will keep the skin dry and free from irritation caused by synthetic fabrics.

Baby Clothing for Eczema Sufferers

There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffer from itchy skin conditions such as Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) You can now buy Eczema friendly Clothes for your Baby or Toddler to help prevent them from scratching.

We offer you a selection of soft, 100% Cotton or Bamboo clothing such as Singlets, bodysuits , Grosuits, Coveralls, Swaddle/Cocoon/sleeping bags, Hats and Mittens.

You can also browse for suitable soft bedlinen for the crib in our Bedding section.Protective Eczema Clothes can help you manage this skin condition effectively.

Kids Clothing for Eczema

We all know the struggle of preventing kids from scratching their exposed skin. This Eczema friendly clothing range is coming to your rescue, no more irritation on the skin means NO MORE TEARS!!

We are delighted to offer you a range of protective clothing to relieve itchiness caused by Eczema. The assortment of clothing includes garments for Girls and Boys.

100% Cotton or Bamboo fabrics are breathable and keep the skin dry and prevent itchy skin.

Womens Clothing


Dress codes and special event dressing can be tricky!! You could be dressing for the races or a job interview, or your invitation might ask for a lounge suit or cocktail dress.

Whatever the occasion .. We offer a range that helps you find and choose that perfect outfit in our Casual, Formal, Sportswear and Nightwear Sections.

Natural fabrics are composed of fibres from 100% Cotton, Bamboo, Linen, Hemp, Cashmere or silk. These fabrics are light, absorbent and breathable. It keeps the skin dry and results in less itchy skin. Organic fabrics will prevent an Eczema flare.

We offer you an range of stylish clothes that will make you Look Good Feel Good!!


Mens Clothing


We offer you a great combination of comfort and style. You can browse through our selection of Casual Wear, Formal Wear, Sports- and Underwear. And to top that, help prevent itchy skin caused by Eczema(Atopic Dermatitis). The natural fibres from 100% Cotton, Bamboo, Silk, Hemp, Cashmere are absorbent and breathable. Clothing specifically designed to eliminate itchy skin.


Eczema friendly fabrics give you back your freedom of movement and quality of life you deserve.